We’re taking an alternate route

Ever wondered what a thriving planet for all looks like? We have. Amongst futuristic innovations, recycled classics and reduced emissions, there are plants. Lots of plants. Buildings made of plants, clothes made of plants, nutritious diets made of plants. You get the gist.

We’re a plant-based meat company from Aotearoa New Zealand, going off-piste towards a more optimistic future. And hitting all the epic spots along the way. Packed with 100% plants, 45% protein and 0% BS, our new range of smart snacks are here to help you live full and tread light.


For those who put plant protein to epic use.

Off-Piste Provisions are designed with the unconventional in mind. You know the type, scraped-knee deep in adventure, saying ‘yes’ before you’ve even finished the question. ‘Three square meals’ aren’t always on the menu and protein-packed snacks get them through.

The game-changers with an extra dose of grit that see the status quo ahead and take the alternate route instead. Along the road less travelled and towards a thriving planet for all.

That’s not to say they’re strict vegans and it doesn’t make their postcode the off-grid corners of New Zealand. They’re on a plant-based journey and in need of long-lasting, healthy protein for the gym, office, school day, morning surf or weekend mission. They need plant protein on the go.