Become an OPP Test Pilot

We’re on the look out for adventurous types with a decent dose of grit looking for plant-based protein on the go. Five OPP Test Pilots to put our provisions to good use this Summer, share their off-piste missions, weekday antics, plant-based meals and eco-hacks.

What’s in it for you?

You’ll be sent a Summer’s supply of our new plant-based jerky to put to the test and provide feedback as to how it performs, as well as the latest provisions to sample in our NPD pipeline before they hit the shelves. We’ll sign you up to New Zealand’s most OPP-esk adventures and sure, you’ll get the t-shirt and cap. At the end of Summer, we’ll choose one OPP Test Pilot to sponsor as our 2022 ambassador. Entries close 15th October 2021. Get amongst it, show us how you roll on your plant-based adventure and tune in at the end of October when we announce the lucky few.

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